Blikfabriek, Hoboken
Date and time
Wed 08 March '23 — Wed 08 March '23

‘Harvest session’ – 100 WIJKEN PLATFORM

The recently launched ‘100 WIJKEN PLATFORM’ focuses on the implementation-oriented knowledge and practices that enable the necessary acceleration in energy and climate projects. How can we realise goals around greening, renewable energy, renovation, shared mobility, and water efficiently and quickly in one street, neighbourhood, or village centre? What is needed to move from separate actions and measures to a more integrated, collective approach? The ‘100 WIJKEN PLATFORM’ is part of the Local Energy and Climate Pact working platform, which is all about tackling climate ambitions locally.

A first ‘harvest session’ of the ‘100 WIJKEN PLATFORM’ will take place on 8 March. This moment offers an opportunity for sustainability and environmental officials, general managers, or project leaders that are involved, to help shape the platform's work programme.

During the harvest session, we will bring together the insights and challenges that arise when we want to realise climate and energy goals around greening, energy, mobility or water in one street, neighbourhood or village centre. How do we work together from different goals and policy domains to redesign the public domain, above and below ground? How can we finance collective renovation, and what is the role of local governments in this? How do we make room in these processes for a more active, broader, and deeper participation of residents?

This first harvest session will help identify the main practice-focused thresholds that the working platform will focus on in the coming months. In the next step, we will join forces with small to large administrations, various experts, and Flemish administrations and organisations to develop the necessary tools and breakthroughs.